Brands for a Better World. Let's makes some Ripples!

Information on Solar Power from Clarus Power

When people think of going green, they often imagine reusing bags at the grocery store, buying local produce and carpooling with their neighbors.  They foresee small, day-by-day actions compounding to create a more sustainable lifestyle and a … [Continue reading]

Have You Heard the Buzz About Bombas?

Bombas built their company around the notorious fact that socks are the most requesting clothing item by homeless shelters. "Bombas are socks engineered and designed to look better, feel better and with a mission to help those in need." With every … [Continue reading]

Out of Print

Out of Print is a non-profitable organization which celebrates its favorite stories while promoting literacy in undeserved communities. For every product sold, Out of Print donates a book to a community in need through their charity partner, Books … [Continue reading]

Article 22 Jewelry: Dropping love right on your doorstep!

It is a pretty crazy thought to wear an actual bomb. However, the people at Article 22 Jewelry have helped to make that a reality! Article 22 has teamed up with Laos artisans to make sleek, stylish and just plain amazing jewelry out of recovered … [Continue reading]

Tukula Helping Women to Help Themselves

It may be shocking that Ugandan women are among the poorest in the world. They are often illiterate and typically unpaid or not making enough to support their families.  These women are usually the head of their household and struggle to send their … [Continue reading]

Barnabas Clothing Co.

Barnabas Clothing Co. is a non-profitable organization that operates under the motto: Live a Life worth Imitating.  Barnabas encourages everybody to be “Bold and Courageous”, and to be fearless in making choices that matter in their lives and of … [Continue reading]

Better Life Bags: Hand-Stitched and Personal

Better Life Bags is a Detroit-based company whose owner is focused on tying the business to the local economy in order to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged women within her own community. Many eco-friendly, Fair Trade, and cause-based … [Continue reading]

Cuddle + Kind Ethically Produced Dolls

Cuddle + Kind, makers of some of the most heart-warming and adorable hand-knit dolls around, is a family-owned company with a loving, family-focused approach from start to finish. They’ve created an ethical and responsible process that ensures … [Continue reading]

Spread the Socks (I Mean Love) with DivvyUp

DivvyUp is an innovative new brand of socks that uses the ‘One for One’ concept. Ever since the success of Toms Shoes, the ‘One for One’ concept has become a staple among many socially responsible brands.  DivvyUp takes it to the next level! What is … [Continue reading]

Good Spread: Fighting Malnutrition One Jar at a Time

Good Spread, the peanut butter company with a conscience, is helping you help the world. The organization started out by traveling across America to spread the word about malnutrition and Mother Administered Nutritive Aid (MANA) nutrition.  Today, it … [Continue reading]

Socially Conscious Brands who are Giving Back

You Should Support These Brands We have been putting together a list of brands that are giving back. These brands have either a social or environmental conscious and operate on a model of "buy one and we will donate one". Check out these great … [Continue reading]

Give Back and Look Stylish – 3 Brands that Empower Artisans

Jewelry is something that all women love to wear and buy. There are brands out there that sell amazing stuff for great prices. On the internet you can find pretty much any style you can think of. But, did you know that there are companies that offer … [Continue reading]

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

At Ecoripples, we have been busy building a sister site call Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products. As you may have guessed, this site focuses on profiling eco-friendly cleaning products! Our team has put together a list of great brands creating great … [Continue reading]

WeWood: How they Plant Trees with American Forests

WeWood has some great looking watches. Their designs are eco-friendly and they have this great partnership: The roots of this company are fantastic. Check out this quote from their site which I think provides a great summary of their … [Continue reading]

Hape – Eco-friendly Toys

Hape toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Why We Love Hape: Sustainability is at the very core of Hape’s values.  In the company’s first line of their website profile, they identify how they … [Continue reading]

Herman Miller – Towards Sustainability

Herman Miller is a major American manufacturer of office furniture, equipment and home furnishings.  Furniture companies are definitely not the first companies that come to my mind when I think of industries that may be striving towards … [Continue reading]