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    Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

    An eco-friendly home is a great way to do your bit to support the well-being of society. We all know that single-use plastic and CO2 emissions are the most significant sources of pollution on the [...]
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    10 Great Eco-Friendly Home Office Products

    Now that many professionals are working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it might be worth looking into sustainable alternatives to traditional office supplies. From staplers that do not require staples to solar USB [...]
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    13 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Try in 2021

    At Ecoripples, we are always busy building a sister site that people interested in all eco-friendly subjects can come, get some inspiration, and trustworthy resources about good practices and great products to use. This time [...]
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    10 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For The Summer!

    After the long winter and the several lockdown and quarantine measures, we are all looking forward to the freedom of the summer! However, traveling is notoriously detrimental to the environment. So, if you are a [...]

7 Ecofriendly Swimwear brands

There is nothing better than swimming in the ocean (especially after a long lockdown!) and feeling closer to nature. But swimwear is generally not the best friend of the environment. There are now many brands […]

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