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Jacob’s Scarves: Supporting Education and Artisan work

by Mark D. • July 14, 2016

Jacob’s Scarves is a small apparel company working to provide high-quality jobs and education to people in disadvantaged communities. Founder Kiri Berdan started the company in 2012 after visiting Zhongshan, China to teach English there for a semester. While she was there, she got to know a neighboring family that was struggling to pay for […]

JC Denim Co.: Fighting Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

by Mark D. • July 14, 2016

Jeans from JC Denim Co. are handcrafted by young women in Cambodia rescued from situations of sexual exploitation. The Australia-based company partners with Destiny Rescue Cambodia. Destiny Rescue is an organization that rescues young women from the sex trade and teaches them sewing. JC Denim Co. has become a consistent supplier of work for a […]

Half United: Fighting Hunger, Fashionably

by Mark D. • July 13, 2016

Half United is a rugged-chic jewelry and apparel company focused on fighting hunger. Siblings Christian and Carmin Black founded the company in 2009 in Wilmington, North Carolina, starting from very humble beginnings. With just $200 to invest in their fledgling project, the duo started from scratch, selling recycled odds and ends at art shows — […]

Even Your Toothbrush Can be Sustainable!

by Mark D. • July 13, 2016

Being an eco-friendly consumer means making responsible buying choices with all of your purchases, from your choice of the car you drive all the way down to… yes, your toothbrush. The toothbrushes from Humble Brush (based in Sweden) are 100% biodegradable. They’re made from bamboo, which is a naturally sustainable material, and the bristles are […]

Kammok: Camping Gear with Social Impact

by Mark D. • July 7, 2016

Austin, TX-based Kammok makes high-tech hammocks, blankets, and other camping gear. They are a certified B-Corporation and a member of 1% For the Planet. B-Corp certification means that they are a for-profit company verified to have sustainable and transparent business practices, and 1% For the Planet membership means that 1% of all profits are donated […]

FASHIONABLE: Leather and Jewelry Made by Women

by Mark D. • July 5, 2016

FASHIONABLE makes high quality leather products and jewelry for women that balance stylish elegance with rustic sturdiness. The mission of the company is to provide jobs to women (both locally and globally) who would otherwise have trouble accessing dependable, safe employment. The founders started the company when they were living in Ethiopia and observed huge […]

Better Life Bags: Hand-Stitched and Personal

by Mark D. • June 15, 2016

Better Life Bags is a Detroit-based company whose owner is focused on tying the business to the local economy in order to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged women within her own community. Many eco-friendly, Fair Trade, and cause-based brands simply donate a portion of their proceeds to large international aide organizations, where it can be […]