Look out world, there’s a new baby in town Baby Teresa

Clothing is one of the many basic needs of babies throughout the world. Though for some, that is one need that is hard to meet.  Baby Teresa was founded in 2009 by two moms who were looking to give something back.  With so many of their friends having children, they found it difficult to give truly meaningful gifts.

baby teresaBaby Teresa rompers and accessories are made with 100% organic and fair trade cotton.  Not only does this offer safety and financial security for farmers and their families, but it also gives your baby softer and healthier clothing.  It is particularly helpful for children with allergies or eczema.  Having residual chemical pesticides and fertilizers so close to the sensitive skin of a child is never ideal.

25% of Profits to Charities

The wonderful people at Baby Teresa not only offer these adorable and well-made diapers to your family but for every one bought, one is donated to a child in need.  When they added the accessories, they started a campaign to donate formula to select orphanages.  Orphanages can sometimes be so underfunded that they have to water down their baby formula in order to feed the children.  Every accessory sold helps to alleviate that need.  Baby Teresa donates 25% of their profits to charities that help empower women from pregnancy to parenthood.

With all the stresses that surround raising a child, clothing shouldn’t have to be one of them.  By 2015, Baby Teresa has donated clothing to children in over 20 countries and counting.  They don’t just donate to developing countries.  Baby Teresa has donated to organizations that help women and babies right in their home of Australia as well as many European countries.  Baby Teresa will be helping babies around the world as long as babies are being born!

Keep a look out for Baby Teresa’s new line of clothing coming out soon!  It is sure to be equally, if not more, adorable!

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