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Barnabas Clothing Co.

Barnabas Clothing Co. is a non-profitable organization that operates under the motto: Live a Life worth Imitating.  Barnabas encourages everybody to be “Bold and Courageous”, and to be fearless in making choices that matter in their lives and of those around them. They convey this message by living their lives with purpose and action.

Barnabas is more than a brand or a logo – it’s an identity and lifestyle. The actual meaning of Barnabas is “son of encouragement”. And their purpose is just that – being an encouragement in every aspect of their lives – with what they say, what they do, and even with the clothes they wear.

This organization leads the charge of change by donating 10% of all their sales to an organization that inspires them; The Living Room International. Purchase a gift for yourself or someone else and you directly give a gift to those in Western Kenya, Africa!

The Living Room International is a non-profitable organization based in Western Kenya that provides comprehensive care to those men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS or other life threatening illnesses. Barnabas admits that The Living Room International’s compassion, dedication, and their commitment, even in the face of suffering and death, is extraordinary.

What they sell

Barnabas Clothing Co. sells men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes. Men’s clothes include accessories, hats/beanies, graphic tees, shorts, plaid fannels etc. Women’s clothes include jewelry, infinity scarves, tops, graphic tees & tanks, skirts/dresses etc. And the kid’s clothes include tees and hoodies. Barnabas has also several collections including Cali original collections, Mustache collections and Hannah’s hats. All products at Barnabas Clothing Co. go at a fair price with free shipping for any purchase above $75.

Barnabas offers gift cards which have no additional processing fees and do not expire. All products and collections at Barnabas depict their message: Live a Life worth Imitating. Buy a gift today and you directly give a gift to those in Western Kenya, Africa!

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