Hydrapak + Bottle Bright = Brilliance!

Not often is a socially and ecologically conscious company also extraordinarily practical.  But the people behind Bottle Bright have made the connection!  There are many wonderful companies and nonprofit organizations that make fantastic impacts on the world but sometimes the items sold aren’t always necessities.

Chances are you may be one of the many people who carry a reusable water bottle, or at least have tried one.  Some of you may enjoy being active and carry a hydration pack with you on long outings.  Or you bring your travel coffee mug with you to work every morning.  No matter who you are, chances are pretty good that you have or have tried a reusable drink container.  But, man, are they a pain to clean (if you can figure out how to clean them at all…).

The guys behind Bottle Bright had the same problem.  After enduring a long bike ride with weird tasting water, they realized that they had two choices. They could clean their packs with bleach or live with stinky, gross tasting water.  The guys resolved to create a new cleaner bottle unlike anything before.

Bottle Bright is an all natural cleaner, meaning no harsh chemicals and 100% biodegradable ingredients.  The packaging was chosen to reduce landfill waste by using recycled materials and making the end product recyclable as well.  It also promotes the use of reusable containers, thereby reducing waste created by disposable containers (not to mention, less energy is spent on creating those containers when people reuse their containers).

80% of illnesses in developing countries are water related.  There have been countless efforts to provide a clean water source to those most in need, which is fantastic!  But many have overlooked a step.  What good is clean water if it must be carried and stored in a dirty container?

bottle brightFor every purchase of Bottle Bright, the same amount is donated to people in developing countries.  Hydrapak offers hygiene education as well as donations of Bottle Bright.  The best part is, it is easy to use, safe to handle, easy to carry with you.  The cleaning solution can be discarded directly onto the ground with no ecological repercussions.  It also promotes domestic jobs as it is made in the USA.

The people at Hydrapak and Bottle Bright really got it right!  They are helping people desperate for clean water by helping them to keep their water clean.  Their product is so practical and simple and there will always be a need for clean containers, in both developed and developing parts of the world.

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