Vida – All Natural Soaps

by Lourdes Diaz • May 14, 2018

One thing that we are extremely passionate about at Ecoripples is sharing companies that are working hard to create natural products. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with Haylee Perez, the founder of Vida Soaps. She told us all sorts of interesting things about her brand. The team at Vida […]

Eco Friendly Toys - Safari Beads Toy by Wonderworld

6 of the Best Eco Friendly Toys by Wonderworld Toy

by Lourdes Diaz • April 24, 2018

Wonderworld Toy is a company from Thailand that is a strong advocate of protecting the environment. The main material used by them is rubber-wood, an environmentally friendly, renewable resource in the production of their toys. Rubber-wood is harvested as a by-product from the culling of rubber trees that are in excess of 25 years of […]

20 of My Favourite Eco-Friendly Resources

by Lourdes Diaz • March 25, 2018

When I first started getting interested in everything that has to do with natural and eco-friendly living, it was hard for me to find websites that offer such content. They seemed to be buried under all of the mainstream content. Now that I have been in this environment for a while, I have come to […]

Picture of Zenhaven's organic mattress

The Best Eco-Friendly Mattresses of 2018

by Diana Myers • February 19, 2018

Making the switch to an eco-friendly mattress has recently become a hot topic of discussion. The question that usually arises is: are they worth it? Replacing your mattress involves a lot of commitment, time and money. Not to mention, sometimes intolerable hours spent comparing brands. If the companies don’t truly provide organic materials, then all […]

Top 5 Agriculture Companies for Sustainable Development

by Diana Myers • February 3, 2018

If you search for sustainable agriculture companies online, the first two names that pop up are Coca Cola and Monsanto. Weird? Yeah, definitely. It’s alarming how few facts are shared over an issue that so greatly affects our species. What’s more is how certain companies try to use that lack of knowledge to their advantage. […]

Write for Ecoripples

by wahba • January 27, 2018

Want to contribute to EcoRipples? Are you a blogger that has something you’d like to contribute to the Ecoripples’ community? Maybe you are expert in the field of sustainability? Do you have something that you think our audience should know about? We would love to hear from you! At Ecoripples, we are happy to accept […]

Handmade Wooden Toys by Maya Organic – With Natural Non Toxic Paint

by wahba • January 21, 2018

Maya Organic is a non-profit organization from India. The company is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. It focuses on livelihood development by working with a network of artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs to produce high-quality wooden products. Currently, Maya Organic is working with the artisan community in a small town near the city of […]

What is a Social Enterprise Business?

by Jess MacKenzie • January 21, 2018

Organizations for people and planet Over the last decade or so there’s been a notable global movement of organizations that exist to help make the world better. They’re focused on improving society, supporting local communities, providing new opportunities for people who generally miss out, and helping the environment. Social enterprise businesses are a critical part […]

Some of our Favourite EverEarth Toys: Educational and Environmental

by wahba • January 15, 2018

EverEarth is a company whose products and business structure revolve around the idea of sustainability. It is a company that wants to inspire children and parents to get closer to nature making toys from environmentally friendly materials that do not include harmful chemicals.  EverEarth attaches importance to using sustainable resources, water based paints, recycled packaging, and […]

Some Interesting Eco Tweets – Dec 12, 2017

by wahba • December 9, 2017

Here are some tweets I found interesting or informative that I thought you may like: A thank you card from the amazing folks at @SustainableJoes after their successful @Indiegogo campaign. @GreenStoryInc supported them by calculating the #impact they were having through their #sustainable cards. Very #grateful to have clients like this. — Green Story […]

Green Story – Let’s look at the Green Numbers!

by wahba • July 10, 2017

You may have noticed companies using numbers and statistics highlighting the green benefits of their products. These statistics may be the number of cars that are taken off the road or water saved by using certain products. Have you ever wondered how they do that? We had the opportunity to speak with a Canadian company […]

Green Decore – Eco-friendly Home Décor

by wahba • June 22, 2017

Home décor products can be found everywhere. Big box stores carry trinkets and nick knacks to fill every corner of our homes.  With all of this stuff available, how often do we pay attention to where it came from? What about the resources required getting it from the factory to our living room?  Who’s involved […]

Organic Joggers from Ungalli

by wahba • June 11, 2017

Ungalli Clothing recently launched its first Kickstarter campaign on May 30 to raise funds to expand their eco-fashion line with new recycled and organic Joggers. Ungalli will create these joggers based on the input of their valued community and customers who voted on the material, logo placement and style. Each pair will save 110 days […]

Ungalli Clothing – Sustainable Canadian Style

by wahba • March 8, 2017

At Ecoripples, we love values driven brands. The Canadian company Ungalli Clothing is a perfect example.  They strive to create a product that you can feel great about wearing! Hailey Hollinsworth, Ungalli Clothing’s co-founder, states, “We do what we do because we believe in it.” Hailey and her sister Bree have founded a company that we […]

Ethos Deal – Discounts for Conscious Consumers

by wahba • February 20, 2017

The Ethos Deal has established an awesome site for fans of eco-friendly and ethical products.  The Ethos Deal is a online platform where conscious consumers can sign up for updates on sales and promos.  Ethical companies can promote their products. The site does not charge for these promotions.  This is clearly a win/win for consumers and […]

The Best Eco-Friendly Baby Toys

by wahba • January 3, 2017

There are some fantastic eco-friendly baby toys out there.  However, with the amount of ‘stuff’ out there, finding great brands and toys can be pretty overwhelming.  Our team has complied the following list of some of the best eco-friendly baby toys.  We hope you enjoy it! Some of the Best Eco-Friendly Baby Toys EverEarth EverEarth is […]