Elephant Landing empowering the women of India

elephant landingElephant Landing was started in November 2013 by husband and wife Caroline and Jayden, to benefit women struggling in India.  In 2001, Jayden first visited rural India to start an orphanage with his parents.  Once the orphanage was up and running, he was amazed that so many of the children under their care were not actually orphans at all.  They had families but their parents could not make enough money to take care of them.

In 2003, they started a training center where they taught women how to sew and embroider.  Widows and single mothers are the bulk of their students.  When the women graduate, each woman receives a foot pedaled sewing machine that they can take back to their villages and start a home business.  Upon finishing the training, these women have the knowledge and equipment to go into business for themselves.  Finally, the women can support their families and contribute to the communities in which they live.

By 2013 when Elephant Landing officially opened its doors, over 300 women had graduated from the sewing school that was started only ten years earlier.  Elephant Landing partnered with about thirty graduates to create the products that Elephant Landing sell today.

elephant landingelephant landingThe products are made from the family’s homes and all of the women they have partnered with are paid a fair wage.  They make household goods, literally from their home to yours.

Their handmade pillows and throws are unique to each one.  Each throw is hand-loomed and the dyes are eco-friendly.  100% of all profits go back to the women and into expanding the sewing program to new villages.

Elephant Landing is determined to continue to help create employment opportunities and hope for the future.  By making a purchase, you become a character in their story.

There are other great organizations helping in similar ways in order to help empower individuals.  In Uganda, Tukula trains single mothers in sewing and embroidery so they can start their own home businesses as well.  In Ethiopia, Beza Threads empowers young boys and girls saved from modern slavery.  The problem lies all over the world and Elephant Landing is gladly stepping up and trying to do something about it in India.

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