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Good Spread: Fighting Malnutrition One Jar at a Time

Good Spread, the peanut butter company with a conscience, is helping you help the world. The organization started out by traveling across America to spread the word about malnutrition and Mother Administered Nutritive Aid (MANA) nutrition.  Today, it is using the American staple of peanut butter to uplift the lives of thousands across the world.  Approximately 795 million people suffer from malnutrition around the world and, at the same time, 91 percent of American households use peanut butter. Every jar of Good Spread peanut butter you buy helps contribute to the provision of MANA to fragile communities and villages in low income countries.

Give me MANA?

MANA  is basically a peanut paste, designed to include the essential nutrition for a growing child and produced efficiently for distribution to vulnerable areas across the world. MANA Nutrition now produces enough MANA in one day to feed 4,000 kids suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) for six weeks.

How do I Give MANA?

Simply include a jar of Good Spread into your routine shopping list. Next, choose from any one of numerous recipes  either of your own, or from the few classics given on the Good Spread website.  Then make yourself a delicious peanut butter treat, relishing the hint of honey, and the day’s good deed.

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