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Have You Heard the Buzz About Bombas?

Bombas built their company around the notorious fact that socks are the most requesting clothing item by homeless shelters. “Bombas are socks engineered and designed to look better, feel better and with a mission to help those in need.”

With every purchase of Bombas socks, another pair is donated to a person who needs them. Bombas works with non-profit organizations, homeless shelters, charities and individuals looking to make a difference throughout the United States.

Bombas has so far been able to donate 964,416 socks and counting. The more socks sold equals more socks donated, but in order to really make a difference, the company knows the best way to sell socks is to make a superior product. They have designed their brand of socks to be better than anything else on the market. They were designed with athletes in mind, yet to offer superior luxury.

The company, however, does not donate the same socks they sell. In fact, they have designed something far better in order to meet the needs of a person who doesn’t have access to a clean pair of socks on a daily basis. Their “donation socks” are designed in dark colors to show less visible wear. They have been treated with an anti-microbial which means that they are resistant to fungus growth and can go longer in between washes than the average sock. The seams are reinforced to increase their durability and the life of the sock.

Bombas is the Latin word for bumblebee. This company consciously chose this animal for something like a mascot due to the fact that bees always work together in order to make the whole hive better. They wanted to mirror this within their brand. “Bee Better” has become their slogan and their mantra: push yourself athletically and socially. Do your part to make the world better.

Get involved and partner with Bombas. Check out their merchandise and you can share Bombas with a friend. When you refer a friend, they get 25% off their first purchase and you get a free pair of socks.  Now get out there and Bee Better!

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