Lefrik, a leading brand for eco-friendly backpacks and bags

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Lefrik is an eco-friendly brand that sells backpacks and bags made from recycled plastic PET bottles. Created in 2012, Lefrik is the brand for conscious commuters, travelers, and digital nomads.

Cool and savvy eco-friendly backpacks and bags

Lefrik’s products are comfortable and useful, but also stylish. Designed in Spain, Lefrik’s luggage, travel bags, backpacks, and crossbodies are understated but elegant. With a mix of somber and colorful tones, there is a Lefrik product matching every need of commuters and travelers.

Their lookbooks demonstrate Lefrik’s concern with style and design. The collection “A Summer Story”, for examples, evokes the textures and colors of Californian and Mediterranean summer afternoons.

As for the “City Ramblings” and “Architectural Walks” collections, they focus on bright colors and the shapes and forms of urban architecture.

The Multi Navy collection showcases the joys of everyday life, made easier by Lefrik’s products. And the Multi Pink collection offers soothing pink tones to escape the city into nature.

Lefrik eco-friendly backpackEco-friendly fabrics made from plastic

Lefrik’s products are entirely made from recycled polyester fabric from PET bottles. According to their research, the production of recycled polyester generates 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin polyester. It also saves 90% more water.

Relying on recycled polyester fabric also ensures that Lefrik’s products are 100% vegan. They have even been approved by PETA.

Although Lefrik’s products are manufactured in Asia, they run an ethical supply chain. Lefrik chose to manufacture in Asia due to their advanced techniques to turn recycle plastic PET into polyester.

Their fabric supplier is certified by the Global Recycled Standard. The supply factory has also been audited by SEDEX. Therefore, Lefrik not only offers great eco-friendly products, but also has the certifications required to back up their claims of sustainability.

Plus, all their packaging does not use any plastic at all. So, ordering Lefrik’s products online will not harm the environment either.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

As Lefrik explains, “Quality, traceability and sustainability are the mottos of our model, covering the entire product life cycle end to end, with the clear goal of achieving a circular model which is capable of recycling the products we create.”

Lefrik also respects four “Rs”: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The first “R” refers to plastic and the second to the plastic footprint. Lefrik makes sure not to use any virgin plastic and aims to reduce the plastic footprint as much as possible.

The third “R” – Reuse – refers to Lefrik’s repair service. Customers are not encouraged to buy new products. Instead, they are offered Lefrik’s assistance to make sure their products live on. As such, Lefrik ensures their products do not go to waste.

Finally, the last “R” – Recycle – is the cornerstone of Lefrik’s business model. Not only are all the products made from recycled PET bottles, but recycling principles are respected across the production chain. As Lefrik states, “. We pay attention to the entire life cycle of items we bring into our life, from source to manufacturing to distribution to disposal”.

A global eco-friendly brand with high goals

You can order Lefrik’s products from anywhere in the world. But they also have several stores in Europe and North and South America.

Although based in Spain, Lefrik is a brand with a global outreach and their products are sold by other big-name brands such as Urban Outfiters and Barnes & Nobles.

Still, Lefrik is determined to do better. Their goals for 2021 are:

  • Become a member of the Fair Wear Foundation,
  • Design and implement a more conscious logistic strategy to further reduce their carbon footprint.

You can support Lefrik by purchasing their fantastic products. Always remember: Buy Responsible, Save the Planet.

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