Sevenly is a non-profitable organization founded in 2011 with the mission of leading a generation towards prosperity. It is based on a simple, core believe that ‘people matter’. This organization launched the now global ‘cause art’ movement and started creating 7-day cause campaigns.  In these campaigns, Sevenly invites customers to purchase products that donate to non-profits. Each campaign and every product creates conversations.

Globally recognized as one of the world’s leading ‘social good’ organizations, Sevenly performs campaigns that change lives and bring awareness and funding to the world’s greatest causes.


Sevenly Social Aspect

Sevenly focuses on raising funds and awareness for important causes. It commissions ‘cause art’ that celebrates the work of these causes, sells products that give back, and promotes stories of encouragement to all the people they reach.  Throughout the year, this organization features specific causes for all its campaigns.

7% of all items sold are donated to The Sevenly Foundation, which in turn donates 100% of that amount to its non-profit partner pledges.

Sevenly values work in their own way and with their unique preferences. They are committed to highlighting good words about good work, rather than creating a staging area for people to post things that might reflect a “glass half empty” approach.


Sevenly products

Whether an inspiring print, a shirt, or an item from their curated cause collections, Sevenly products are decorated with seven unique designs for each cause that give back and create conversations.  Sevenly prints on high-quality, tag-less, apparel that are made of either 100% ringspun cotton, poly/cotton mix, poly/cotton/viscose, or tri-blend fabric hence environment-friendly.

Sevenly provide free shipping for all orders above $75. They also exchange products at no additional cost in cases where the products do not meet your taste, preference or size. They will also refund the full cost of the product (less the charitable donation) if they do not have your preferred product in stock.

In less than five years, Sevenly has raised over $4 million, created billions of cause-related impressions, and touched nearly two million lives!

Like Barnabas Clothing Co., Sevenly has gifts cards which are sent speedily via email to the recipient of your choice. This makes the perfect option for a last minute gift or for those who have just about everything. Donations are made through these gift cards when the card is used to place an order.  This allows the recipient to choose the charity they would like to support.

Order your product today at and donate to non-profits with great causes.

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