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Spread the Socks (I Mean Love) with DivvyUp

DivvyUp is an innovative new brand of socks that uses the ‘One for One’ concept. Ever since the success of Toms Shoes, the ‘One for One’ concept has become a staple among many socially responsible brands.  DivvyUp takes it to the next level!

What is DivvyUp to?

For every pair of socks, you buy, they donate a pair to the homeless.

They’re working with many homeless shelters across America to assess the sock needs of the masses, and provide as necessary.

What makes them really stand out, is how they display on their website the donations they have made so far, on an easy to use informative map. This way, you can clearly see the impact you make, every time you buy yourself some jazzy looking socks.

Additionally, they have a signature blue highlight on the toes of every sock, which is a reminder of the link between every sock donated for each one bought by you.

Why Socks?

The answer is simple. They’re quite essential and they are not as abundantly donated as other clothing and food. The founders of DivvyUp saw this need and created a business around it.

Turning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on its head

What is really appealing about this brand is not just the ‘One for One’ concept, but their entire business model. DivvyUp is not just a business that sells socks and does some CSR on the side for publicity. Rather, they sell socks in order to be able to donate socks. Their business is essentially a means of continuously donating socks to the homeless sustained by selling socks to the public.

In addition to their own substantial social service, they are backing other philanthropic movements that are making a difference in people’s lives. The Safe Passage Project is one such case.  The project aims to support the unmet needs of immigrant children in New York.

Check out their website at and help support a great company.

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