Tukula Helping Women to Help Themselves

It may be shocking that Ugandan women are among the poorest in the world. They are often illiterate and typically unpaid or not making enough to support their families.  These women are usually the head of their household and struggle to send their children to school.  These conditions are a recipe for disaster, not only for the family’s wellbeing but to Uganda as a whole.  Luckily, Tukula is one company doing their part to provide meaningful employment in order to help these women.

Tukula (meaning “to grow”) partners with organizations and businesses worldwide to help Ugandan women rise above the poverty line.  The artisans are paid fair wages, offered medical care for themselves and their families.  They are also provided with access to saving programs to help them plan for the future.  With the burden of school and medical fees taken off their shoulders, these women are given the opportunity to thrive and touch the lives of other women in their communities.

Tukula highlights the experiences of five of their artisans on their website.  All the women featured have families. Some were driven out of their homes because of civil unrest.  But now after working with Tukula, these women have a career they love, they feel good about their families and many aspire to go back to school!  A dream many wouldn’t be able to conceive without Tukula!  One woman, Esther, describes starting out with Tukula with nothing and now she employs a handful of women to work with her. 

The website highlights four current partners, all with amazing products.  The first, The Sara Jane Project, is a small business that sells the cutest handmade plush bunnies. This company aims to help vulnerable children find families.

Another business is The Little Bee Co. which makes reusable cloth diapers.  For every diaper sold, they donate one to a deserving child in need.  The Little Bee Co. partnered with Tukula to sponsor unique diaper bags for their product.  The unique diaper bags were such a hit that they sold out the first day!  Tukula has also helped them to create custom baby slings and nursing covers.

This company partners with many more organizations and is always looking to team up with more!  If your organization would like to learn more about working with Tukula, simply go to tukula.org, click on Contact Us and it will direct you to two options: Submit a Form or Email.

If you’d like to browse Tukula’s classic merchandise (I highly suggest it, they have some really cool stuff!) you can access their lookbook here and email Melissa at melissa@tukula.org.

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